About Me

I have been married to my wonderful husband (Kurt) for four years. He's the love of my life and my best friend. In 2008, we decided that I would leave my job and become a housewife. It has been the most fulling and rewarding experience.  I feel as if taking care of my husband and our home (and someday children) is what I was meant to do.
We have three pets who bring so much joy to our lives. (from left to right) Jack is a five year old boy who acts like he is much older.  Jill is three years old and it is very rare to get a picture of her without a ball in her mouth.  They are both pug/jack russel mixes.  Kitty is a ten year old girl who is totally in love with us, but dislikes everyone else!

Another hobby of mine is couponing.  I truly know how to get a lot for a little, and have saved thousands of dollars over the past two years. I'm sure I'll post about it from time to time.  I live my life by the motto of "why pay for something you can get for free."  If you have any interest in learning about using coupons, head over to Living Rich with Coupons, it's a great place to begin!