Monday, August 30, 2010

Money Saving Monday

A few people have commented on the amount of money that I am going to save by ditching takeout for home cooking. I’ve decided to make this all a little more difficult, and up the stakes by sticking to a $100 weekly budget.

A Hundred Dollars Covering:

  • 2 People – 3 meals a day – 42 meals a week

  • All the needs for two dogs and one cat

  • All household supplies. Ex: Toilet Paper, Soap, Shampoo

  • Sale items that I will use in future weeks

I’ve mentioned before, I am an extreme coupon shopper. So fortunately, I have a nice start with the stockpile of food I have build in our pantry. Each week, on Monday, I will show you just how far I’ve been able to stretch my $100 with coupons. And hopefully, I’ll be able to spend less then that!

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