Thursday, August 26, 2010

Begining our Journey

My husband and I have decided to embark on a new journey.  Fast and easy is what we as a country have become accustomed to, including our household. Even though I am a housewife with a passion for cooking, we still find ourselves falling into the trap of convenience food.  Whether it be ordering pizza, having an expensive meal out, or even picking up a pre-made chicken at the supermarket, we are eating this way multiple times a week. For me, it is mostly out of laziness, because really how long does it take to cook an easy dinner? The delivery man isn't getting here any faster.  We have decided to leave the world of fast food, restaurants and take out behind. And are ready to change into people who wouldn't think about spending for something they could easily make cheaper (yummier and healthier) at home.  So starting today, for the next year, we will not spend one dollar on food that doesn't come from my kitchen.

When we made the decision to give this a try, I wanted to go a little further.  I have been a home cook for about 6 years now, but within the last year or two, I have become obsessed with really learning how to cook.  Six years ago when I met my husband, I wouldn't even touch a piece of raw meat. He is the one who taught me the basic fundamentals of cooking.  Today, I can trim a pork shoulder with the best on them.  But being a young wife, I find that there are so many ingredients I haven't used, recipes I haven't tried and techniques that have gone unexplored!  So, I am going to use this as an opportunity to enhance my cooking and I hope that you follow me on my journey!


  1. Hey Jen, can't wait to follow this on FB! Sounds really interesting.
    If you wanted to tie local, organic, meats, veggies and fruits into your home cooking plan I can give you some resources. Primarily joining a CSA, which will broaden your veggie horizons and force you to learn how to cook with new and exciting foods. You can find one in your area at
    There is also a buying club for winter that is awesome, it has meats, cheeses, coffee and loads of other delicious goodies. You can find more info on that at
    I found that eating seasonally and eating locally coincided, and it helps me appreciate what each season has to offer and the diversity that can be found with seemingly ordinary items. After all, trying to keep squash palatable after a few weeks is challenge in itself.
    Good luck on your journey and if you have any questions with the above mentioned items let me know.

  2. Go Jen Go...Thx for posting this blog...we should all eat healthier and with less chemicals. We love veggies fresh, sprinkled with pure Virgin Olive Oil, Sea salt and baked is much healthier and tasty. Jeanne & Ed from MD. () :)

  3. Hey Stosh, thanks for the support! I'm definitely going to look into joining a CSA. I've heard about it before and wanted to look into it but didn't know where to begin. Thanks for all the info! If I need any help I will let you know!

    Thanks for the support Jeanne and Ed! There are to many chemicals in our food. That is part of why I want to do this. If I cook it, I know whats in it, and I can pronounce every ingredient in it. Although I'm not cutting out all processed foods yet, it will be a huge improvement. I would love to get to a point someday where I even make my bread at home. I will definitely try baking my veggies like that! Thanks!